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Lined and Insulated Building Specification



With the continuing demand for extra space at a sensible price we are able to offer an extensive range of buildings on a bespoke basis. Whether it be an office or studio or a playroom for the kids, our fully lined and insulated buildings provide an attractive and economic solution.

The calculated thermal conductivity for the walls of our lined and insulated buildings is 0.49W/m2K, thermally equivalent to a 300mm solid timber wall.

Our lined and insulated buildings are robustly constructed using heavy duty 38mm x 75mm framing with 19mm x 125mm tongue and groove shiplap, heavy duty feather edge or log lap cladding.

All buildings feature either a black Protect TF200 lining or optional 4mm plywood and breather membrane between the cladding and framework to give extra weather proofing.

For larger buildings the framework size is increased and, to add further rigidity, 4mm or 6mm plywood can be added to the outside of the framework before the final cladding.

The insulation is 100mm Earthwool and the internal cladding is ex16mm x 125mm tongue and groove boarding, giving a pleasing and professional finish. The roof is insulated in the same way, with tongue and groove boarding on the inside and Orientated Strand Board on top of the roof purlins.

We offer a range of final weather proofing materials: Green mineral felt; Felt tiles (green, red, brown, black or slate grey); Onduline; Polyester coated steel sheet; or Cedar shingles.

The floors are insulated with 13mm thick polystyrene covered with 18mm interlocking chipboard. This can be left bare, carpeted, or covered with any decorative floor finish.
Windows are double glazed with either 4:6:4 or 4:12:4 (glass:air:glass) units. Glazing in doors is toughened and styled to match the windows. All buildings can have internal partitions up to full height with doors and windows as required. Partitions can be boarded both sides as required.

*Please note that it is up to individuals to ensure that local planning requirements are complied with!*

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