Poulton Portables Ltd, 78 Maldon Road, Danbury, Essex, CM34QW.

Standard Apex Shed Specification



    Eaves 1780mm , Ridge 2030mm


    Good quality ex 38 x 50mm planed timber (double at corners)


    ex 19mm x 125mm Tongue & Groove Shiplap (Pressure treated, rebated cladding available for standard sheds P.O.A)

  • FLOOR:

    ex 16mm TGV boarding on ex 38 x 50mm joists

  • ROOF:

    ex 16mm TGV boarding on 38 x 50 mm purlins with barge boards front/ rear. Supershed Polyester reinforced 25kg green mineral roofing felt

  • DOOR:

    1800 x 765mm ledged and braced, hung on right hand with three tee hinges, 2 Turn buttons and hasp and staple


    610 mm x 610mm or 610mm x 457mm with profiled sill.

If you need a standard shed, but with the door on a side wall (rather than on a gable wall) we can provide an Extra High Standard Shed (standard eaves height +150mm).

Our Standard Shed range incorporates a sturdy ridge bar that will prevent roof sag and extend the life of the shed.

Pressure treated cladding available (P.O.A)

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