To stabilise the timber and maintain the appearance of your building, a quality preservation should be applied.
We use Sovereign SX70, Barrettine Wood Preservers or Wood Protective treatments, which are top quality oil based products available in a range of colours and designed to maximise protection and minimise maintenance.

We recommend that at least 3 coats of a good quality wood treatment be applied to your building within the first year following installation.
If we have applied a single coat of Sovereign SX70 or Barrettine Wood Preserver, we recommend customer's apply a further coat within 2 months of delivery, and a further coat 8 months thereafter.

Please contact us if you wish to purchase the preservative from us.

  • We treat all exposed surfaces except the underside of the roof and floor.
  • External doors are treated on both sides.
  • Floor joists are supplied pressure treated in either green or brown and do not need further treatment.
  • Buildings that are NOT top coated by ourselves will be finished with one coat of dip coat preservative to give short protection only.
  • If you wish to take your building with no treatment please advise us at the time of ordering.

Treatment finishes